Curated Magic

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S’mores Boards

Cuddle up around your personal campfire. Select your board of ingredients – from the classic to the serious foodie, we’ve got chocolate and marshmallows to please every palate. Sing along to campfire songs under the starry Salt Spring Island sky. BYOBlanket, we supply the rest.

Pizza Picnic

Sunday, August 1, 2021. Long weekend Pizza Picnic. Nibble on Salt Spring Island cheeses paired with homegrown and housemade cheese plate preserves while Chef Sube of Piva creates the custom pizza of your dreams in our wood-fired pizza oven. Cozy picnic pods scattered across our lush four-acre enclave, choose sun or shade and take a deep breath of fresh country air.

Wabi Sabi Weekend

Rejoice with Chef Tak and hostess with the mostest, Chantelle Chouinard, as you reunite with your favourite Wabi Sabi diners and dishes. A unique setting for an epic dream come true, experience the confluence of
Farm Chic & Wabi Sabi, and discover how they are one and the same.

Pick a Bunch

Wildflower wonderland awaits. U-pick from our field of Quince Cottage wildflowers. Mason jar, milk jug, or unique vintage glassware, make sure your glass is half-full… of Poppies, Crimson Clover, Wild Bergamot, Sweet Alyssum, and any of the magical wildflowers that decide to take root this season.

Silver-Lining Sourdough

Salt Spring Island Sourdough 101. Learn the spirit of sourdough. Join us for a bread-baking day. Experience the miracle of turning flour, water and heat into delicious sustenance. You will learn the simple steps to making, naming and feeding your sourdough starter. You will bake your own boule. As your dough develops its essence, we will spend the day preparing fanciful crudit̩, dips and spreads from scratch Рhummus, labaneh, lavender salt, olive tapenade, pesto, fire-oven-roasted farm-grown cherry tomatoes & rosemary. Design and assemble your unique picture-perfect mezze platter.

Divine U

Bathe in the moonlight. Connect with the divine feminine in the earth, the universe and yourself. Unpack your bags and your baggage and embody your true goddess essence. Get cozy with crystals, tinctures, and smudging. Bask in the healing and restorative powers of the moon. Join an intimate gathering of likeminded women for rituals, explorations with expert guides and practitioners gathered to nurture you. Homegrown, house-made farm-to-fork long-table communal dining, prepared with intention and shared with love. Awaken your senses with meditative walks, soothing swims, garden harvests, and delicious delights to nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Farm Table Dinners

Farm-to-fork feasts of international cuisines to satisfy our wanderlust. Lovingly curated short-table dinners. Rustic Tuscan Feast. French Rotisserie Banquet. Brunch with a View. Happiest Hour. Mediterranean Spread. Paella Fiesta.

Outdoor Concerts on the Farm

Enjoy your own cozy pod, away from the others scattered across our lush expansive four-acre enclave. Relax to easy-listening sounds as you finally savour the live music you’ve been craving. Salt Spring Island Cheese & Charcuterie Boards are available for your enjoyment with homegrown house-made accompaniments, including jams, jellies, mezze, freshly-harvested fruits, flowers, and bounty from our organic vegetable garden.

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