Curated Cozy


Handcrafted cocktails concocted with homegrown herbs and fruit. Grazing board on the dock. Picnic basket packed with local delicacies for a day of island touring. Oven-warm goodies to start your day. Sumptuous special occasion dining. Outdoor farm table feasts.


Four acres of lakefront luxury. Our cottage is your cottage. Please relax and make yourself at home while we find just the right way to spoil you rotten. Escape for some “me” time or “we” time. Room for the whole family coming soon.


Homegrown. Homemade. Fresh cut flowers. Herbs. Fruit. Veggies. Berries. Baked goods. Preserves. Bath Soaking Salts. Lavender Sachets. All grown and crafted with love right here at Quince Cottage.  Pop by the farmstand to be surprised and delighted.

(604) 319-9961